Why is the TRX suspension trainer beneficial?


Why is the TRX Suspension Trainer so Beneficial?

By: Liz Moore (Impact Personal Trainer)

There are a lot of reasons I like the TRX straps:

– Increase core strength. When a client is performing exercises with the straps, the core has to be activated to keep correct posture, form and balance.

– Increase Mobility. The straps can be used to get into positions that will increase mobility.

– Improve Balance. When using the straps, balance is usually challenged. Other stabilization trainers like the BOSU ball can be used with the straps for a greater challenge.

– Can assist client during leg exercises (squats, lunges, etc.) when straps are used as handles to pull up. A client may not be able to do a squatkn their own, but with the handles a client can perform a squat correctly with the added assistance.