Our Philosophy

Everyone is An Athlete

We believe everyone is an athlete, whether you're striving for the next level in your athletic career or striving to get the most out of life. All athlete’s desire to increase their capabilities and as their capabilities increase, so does their ability to reach new levels of personal success. The everyday athlete and competitive athlete both continually search for a strategic edge to achieve their goals faster. We provide this edge with our propriety assessment processes, individualized programs, knowledgeable experts, supportive community, and motivating studio environment.

Our Transformation & Performance System

Every Athlete Needs a Game Plan

Our unique assessment & analysis process, customized program (designed from these findings), science based workout organization, coaching, research, and results measurement provide you with a complete system for transforming your body or taking your performance to the next level. We don't make promises we can't keep because when you have a research and science based program like ours, you can guarantee them!

Proprietary Assessment & Analysis

Individual Training Programs


Professional Coaching

Results Measurement

Our Services

We Have A Program to Fit Your Goals, Budget & Experience Level

Whether you want the ultimate in personal attention, just want to diversify your fitness classes or appreciate the motivation of a group environment, but still want a personalized workout, then we have the solution for you.

This Month's Fitness Coach Spot Light:

Josh Brown

“Our clients goal achievements are like our trophies, in the end it is why we do what we do! ”

Our athletes like the individualized attention in a private studio because their training experience eliminates distractions and lost time due to waiting for the equipment. Here the workout is efficient, goal-oriented results-driven. We pride ourselves on not just meeting the needs and goals of our clients, but over-delivering in a personable private atmosphere.

Our fitness professionals are committed to providing a positive place where people can come and improve how their body performs and positively affects every aspect of their lives and athletic performance.  They get results due to their uncanny desire to communicate the best methods and daily practices to the clients of impact fitness studio. They are obsessed about providing personable service that their clients trust.

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What Clients Say

“My husband and I started training with Josh six months ago because we wanted to get healthy and fit but were intimidated to go to a gym because we didn’t know how to work out and were intimidated by other “gym rats”. We enjoy the one on one sessions in his private gym and Josh’s expertise is phenomenal, creating workouts tailored for your goals that are challenging and always changing. My husband and I would recommend Josh as he would be an asset for anyone looking to improve their health regardless of their current fitness level. He is a great trainer who cares about his clients.”

Laura K. Oak Creek, WI

“I started with Josh and Impact Fitness in March of 2010. Previous to Josh I had another personal trainer for 1-1/2 yrs. Josh has done more for me in the last five months than I thought anyone could. He continuously challenges me and pushes me further than I ever thought I could go. He has more confidence in my abilities than I do and he makes sure I prove it to myself in every work out. Since I have been working with Josh, I am much more toned and fit. I see Josh for one hour two times a week, I wish I could do more. I am amazed on how far I have come with Josh. THANK YOU JOSH! You really know your stuff!”

Ruth S.
 Oak Creek, WI

Having an office job and a high alcohol tolerance (thanks UW) led me down a pretty sad path.  But now I’m happy to be on this beautiful fitness journey.  Thanks to Impact Fitness Studio for kicking my butt into gear.

Brittany K. Cudahy, WI 

Josh is amazing ! Thanks to his training I was able to reach my initial fitness goals. He continues to push me with every session and the amazing results keep on coming.

Denis C. Racine, WI


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