How to Stick to your Workout Routine

How to Stick With your Workout Routine

By: Liz Moore

👍Trainer Tip Thursday: How to Stick with your Workout Routine 👍
It’s a new year and you need to stick with your new routine, but it’s tough! Life gets busy and sometimes your workout is the first thing to get left out. Follow these steps to keep your Workout routine going strong 💪

  1. MAKE A PLAN – just like you schedule a doctor appointment or a work meeting, schedule your workouts. Make time to get it done and make it a priority.
  2. HAVE AN ACCOUNTABILITY PARTNER – find a friend, trainer, group exercise instructor, group fitness class to keep you accountable for your workout. It helps!
  3. SET GOALS, EVALUATE THEM. Give yourself a reward if you achieve your goals and find out what you can change if you didn’t achieve them.
  4. CHALLENGE YOURSELF, MAKE IT FUN. Don’t do the same thing every time, your body will hit a plateau and you will not progress. Change it up and find something you like to do in your fitness routine. Maybe it’s cycling, heavy strength training, 5k races, yoga – everyone is different, find something that you like and go for it! It shouldn’t be easy it should challenge you!

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