How to Organize your Workout Week

How to Organize your Workout Week

By: Liz Moore

I get this question from clients a lot. And there is no right answer because everyone is different. However, here are some basic ways you can split up your body so that you are getting enough recovery time for each muscle group in the week.

✅If you’re strength training 1-2 times per week (maybe even 3 in some cases) it is OK to do full body workouts each of these days. Just aim to leave a day in between each strength training workout to give your body time to recover.

✅If you are strength training 3-5+ times per week, you need to split the body up into different sections so the muscles get the appropriate rest. This said rest is important so that your muscles have time to recover and rebuild.

✅You can have a leg day, chest/back/Ab day, bicep/Tricep/shoulder day, anterior (front) body day, posterior (back body) day and throw in some full body days as well.

Get your workouts in, give your body enough time to rest and split up the body parts and get ready to see some results in your life!