Core Training– Why It’s Important & Effects On Training

Core training is one of those stigmas where people believe that is the only way to get a flat stomach or that core training does not have much impact on our bodies.  Strength training is not complete without working out the abdominal muscles. To get rid of this idea it is only to help us look good is to know some facts behind our abs. First of all it is our primary point of balance and stability, this not only help athletes stay on their feet in games or practices but helps everyone on a daily basis.  The very first thing developed as an infant is core stability, without this other basic motor skills like lifting our heads would not have been done as easily or quickly.

A strong core is the building blocks to a strong and powerful body.  To help understand this further it is good to know that the abdominal muscles help transfer power to and from other parts of the body, this teaches the body to work together effectively and efficiently.  It is also the center of power and centre of gravity, which not only assists athletes in their performances but helps everyone with daily activities. A huge benefit from core training and strength is the ability to become faster, stronger and quicker.  If your upper and lower body strength is very strong you will not be as powerful with a weak core, which means people are hindering themselves from being the best they can be.

This then sheds some light onto the fact that a strong core (which also includes our lower back) helps us prevent injuries or worsen them. It also can help with proper posture reduce lower back pain or aches which ultimately helps with performance and abilities.  Abdominal training can also assist with overall performance, any dynamic movement we make whether it stems from our upper or lower body it originates from the core. It also absorbs and transfer forces taken on against our bodies whether it is someone working out to get into better shape or an athlete performing a move specific to their sport.

You are as strong as your weakest link, that is a great thing to remember when planning daily and weekly workouts, do not forget to include core training.  While there are a lot of great benefits of a strong core, there are plenty of negatives that come along with a weak one. If an athlete does not have a very strong core not only is their performance going to suffer they are at a higher risk of becoming injured, losing endurance, and also be more susceptible to muscle fatigue.

Strengthening your core muscles is not the easiest thing to do but it is one of the most important.  Remember to not over kill them but to not neglect them either, there has to be balance. Keep working hard and working towards being a better you!!