Results Measurement

Every 6-8 weeks (depending on your program) we conduct a goal review session and review your comprehensive fitness or performance report that will show your progress relative to your goal.  During this review, we set new benchmarks and goal achievement plan for the next 6-8 weeks.

We also implement in session result measurements like heart rates technology and radar technology.  This immediate feedback allows the client to measure their effort levels and optimize based on program recommendations.  It also creates motivation to achieve new levels of performance in each session.  A key to getting maximum results in minimum time.


Frequently Asked Question

We know you may have questions about our programs, many people do, so here’s some answers to the most frequently asked questions we receive. I think you’ll find this helpful

Your program sounds interesting. But I’ve tried lots of ways to get in shape in the past and I know there are lots of health clubs, weight loss centers, and other places around town that all say “their program is the best”. How are you different?

We have a saying around here that “when you train with the best, you don’t have to suffer like the rest.” Almost all our clients have tried different ways to get in shape in the past. Some of those programs have given them some short term results, most have failed miserably. Our success is driven by personalization.  We don’t just put you in a group of people and call it personal training. Our program differs from everything else out there because we don’t just give you an exercise program, we spend time working with you to cover EVERYTHING you need to get in and stay in shape (once-and-for-all) or achieve your sports performance goals. Our programs cover all seven areas of nutrition, supplementation, resistance training, flexibility/mobility, cardiovascular exercise, flexibility, and coaching. Our entire staff has at least a Bachelors Degree in the Exercise Sciences and is certified by nationally accredited agencies and the top fitness organizations in the country. But we don’t just rely on that. Every Fitness Consultant goes through a rigorous on-boarding process at our in-house training program, followed by a multiple year development program of continued education. But don’t just take our word for it, read through our client success stories and watch interviews with successful clients on our website. All our clients are real people, with busy schedules, just like you. And we’ve helped them with our program… now we’re ready for you next!

That depends on how quickly we can help you integrate the program into your life. Obviously, the more you can follow the program we put together for you, the faster you will see the results you’re looking for. The majority of our clients generally feel better and have a LOT more energy within the first couple weeks, begin losing weight and inches in the first month, and will typically lose anywhere from 4-12% body fat after about two to three months time. For our competitive athlete they see substantial strength improvements in their first month and significant speed & agility improvements with two months. For some examples of what’s possible, take a look at what other clients in our program have achieved. Their results are VERY substantial!

The investment in our program depends on you. We have clients that train anywhere from 3-6 times per week depending on their schedules, motivation, goals, and budget. We personalize your program cost, just like we personalize our clients sessions.  During your introductory session and consultation we will make a couple program options to best fit your goals and budget. But in general the investment runs between $25-$65 per session and we don’t require any memberships or contracts.  The one-on-one sessions range between $50-65 per session. The difference is determine by the amount of sessions or length of time you purchase. You can purchase sessions in “Bulk” to discount your rate, but keep in mind this is an investment in your health, and without your health… what do you really have? If budget is your greatest concern, semi-private training is your solution. These sessions range from $20-35 per session depending on your frequency per week and length of time prescribed to achieve your goals. We developed our semi-private training sessions so you can get the customized programming and instruction, but essentially share the cost of a trainer. Most of our semi-private clients appreciate the motivation of a group environment, but desire customized programming and more personal attention.

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