How Impact Fitness is Different?


Impact Fitness is a program that works. The results are astounding. Every day we help people just like you achieve their goals.

Here Is What We Do To Help You Succeed Where Others Fail.

Our successful formula has four key features:

1. Exceptional Personal Training That Combines Enthusiasm, Knowledge, Accountability, And Support

2. Two Fully Equipped Private Workout Suites For One-on-one Private Sessions or Semi-Private Training That Maximizes Your Time By Eliminating Distractions, Not Waiting For Equipment And Avoiding Intimidation

3. The Perfect Program For You: Using Our Unique Assessment Process We Create A Customized Program That Maximizes Your Strengths, While Correcting Your Weakness, and Applying the Best Science Based Program to Fit Your Body Type.

4. A Common Sense Nutrition Program Based On Scientific Truths That Fuel Positive Changes And Maximize Results. Whether you want to lose weight or maximize your strength for sports performance, we eliminate the nutrition confusion and help you accelerate your results with nutrition plans you can actually do…and still enjoy food!

Each Of These Key Features Is Critical To Success, And Nobody Provides More Effective Personal Training, Completely Private Workout Suites and Studio, Or A More Valuable Nutrition Program Than Impact Fitness.

On Your First Visit, Your Impact Fitness Trainer Will:

  • Identify Any Chronic Pains: Understanding your unique physical circumstances will be critical as your trainer forms a workout program for you.  Chronic symptoms will be taken into account every step of the way – from initial stretches to post-workout cool down. Usually, with the right program, chronic pains can be managed, or injuries and abnormalities may even heal.
  • Introductory Workout: During your first visit your trainer will guide you through a workout to identify your current fitness status.  This initial workout will also allow those who have never worked with a personal trainer before to experience what it is like. It will let you experience firsthand why we believe that the most valuable service we offer is the personal minute-by-minute involvement with an expert personal trainer.
  • Goals Assessment and Consultation: Exercising without a clear goal offers few benefits.  Once you meet with us, you will realize what we mean when we say that your trainer is a “professional goal setter” and will work with you to identify goals that will bring about the changes you desire.

After Your First Visit:

Personal Summary: Your trainer will perform a fitness plan summary that will bring the entire Impact Fitness team up to speed regarding your personal fitness or sports performance plan.  It will identify chronic symptoms or performance limitations and background information that our team of trainers will need to know in order to help you. With each trainer fully informed regarding your workout plan you have great scheduling flexibility and our clients appreciate the fresh energy that a variety of personalities brings.

Perform A Fitness Analysis: Your trainer will test your heart rate, perform a skin fold analysis, identify your body fat/lean muscle ratios, gather circumference measurements, perform upper and lower body strength tests, a cardiovascular test, postural analysis, functional movement and mobility screening, review your medical history, and performance benchmarks specific to your sport (if you are Performance Athlete Clients). 

Create A Fitness Report: Your trainer will generate a Comprehensive Health and Fitness Report of finding from your Fitness Analysis or Sports Performance Reports.  This report will establish a baseline to measure your future successes and continually establish short term goals.

Report Review: One of our Fitness Consultants will thoroughly explain each page of your Comprehensive Health and Fitness Report or Sports Performance Reports and how it relates to your goals and the plan we designed.

Assign A Personal Fitness Coach: In order to be successful, you need a goal, a clear plan, and accountability.  That’s why you will receive a personal fitness coach who will design your program and make sure that you succeed.  While you will benefit from the shared knowledge of our full team of experienced trainers, one of them will be designated as your Personal Fitness Coach is accountable for every step of your progression.  He or she will make sure that your Impact Fitness experience is enjoyable and successful.

Periodization Program Schedule: Your Fitness Coach will then design a workout plan that will be guaranteed to help you achieve your goals. We like to call this program your roadmap for success.  Your coach will design a minute-by-minute workout program that will guide you toward your goals for the next 6-months. The program will incorporate both moderate aerobic exercise, resistance training, flexibility/mobility and/or sport specific training modalities for our sports performance athletes(speed, agility, velocity training, etc) to ensure you will get the best possible results from each session. The program will include different training phases and change the methods of physical stimulus.  The goal will be to continuously encourage your body to continue a pattern of positive physiological changes and to prevent the body’s from the dreaded plateaus that slow progress. These progressive changes will also keep you psychologically stimulated with constantly changing, fun workouts. The stimulus changes include new exercises, set variations, changes in repetitions and tempo, intensity, rest periods, exercise sequences, and more.

Goal Session Reviews: Throughout your program our Fitness Consultants will schedule individual consultations to discuss your progress towards your goals, inquire about your commitment to the same goals and ensure your motivation is always at its peak.

Each workout functions as part of a whole to change the body and prepare it for future phases, each phase building on the last. Every program necessarily begins with an anatomical phase, but your Fitness Coach will create your specific program based on your fitness level and goals.

For Every Session, Your Trainer Will:

  • Observe Natural Body Motion: With a trained eye, your trainer will adjust your workout from the information gathered from simply observing posture and motion.
  • Perform A Function And Body Awareness Assessment: Your trainer will observe your level of conditioning and identify natural range of motion of the joints, and structural issues that should be taken into account in order to achieve a safe, effective workout.
  • Review Fitness Indications: Your trainer will identify your exercise experience level and observe your body’s posture and joint motion. Your trainer can identify muscle tightness, weaknesses, and muscle imbalances that create muscle and joint strains. This will help your trainer adjust the program to correct these issues and optimize the effectiveness of your workout regimen to accelerate physical or aesthetic goals.
  • Detect Neuromuscular Signs: In order to create a personalized exercise program for you, your trainer needs to be aware of how your neuromuscular system responds under workout conditions. Your trainer will analyze how your unconscious mind regulates movement and spatial orientation.
  • Monitor Your Recovery Time: A professional trainer will always observe your breathing rate before, during, and after specific exercises. A good trainer will always gauge the tempo of your workouts by observing respiration.  Your trainer will also monitor your muscle function and strength to insure that your muscles will not become overly fatigued and experience unnecessary buildup of lactic acid that can reduce the benefits of your workout.
  • Evaluate Progress Toward Goals: As we said, our trainers are professional goal setters, but setting a goal does no good unless our we consistently put forth the effort to reach those goals.  Your trainers will give you the focus, guidance, and require accountability that is necessary to reaching your goals.
Our Transformation & Performance System

What Can An Exceptional Personal Trainer Do For You?

To understand the true value of a personal trainer you have to experience working out with one personally.  At different times your trainer should function as your colleague, your coach, or your teacher. A trainer plans every minute of your workout.

All Impact Fitness personal trainers hold degrees and additional certifications and training.  They also undergo a rigorous in-house training program where they become experts at helping people succeed.

During your workout session we work to not only give you direction but also explain the reasons behind our methods so you’ll know exactly what we’re doing and why.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, we demand accountability. In order to bring about real change, we’ve found that people benefit most by having a personal fitness coach who is directly responsible for your success in the program.  They will demand accountability – not unkindly, but firmly – because it is necessary for success, and as we’ve already said, success is our business.

Because your personal trainer develops a workout plan and organizes each workout for you, all you need to do is come ready to work.  

Our purpose is to help our clients achieve and maintain optimal health and performance through a process that includes:

Proprietary Assessment & Analysis

Individual Training Programs


Professional Coaching

Results Measurement

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What Clients Say

“My husband and I started training with Josh six months ago because we wanted to get healthy and fit but were intimidated to go to a gym because we didn’t know how to work out and were intimidated by other “gym rats”. We enjoy the one on one sessions in his private gym and Josh’s expertise is phenomenal, creating workouts tailored for your goals that are challenging and always changing. My husband and I would recommend Josh as he would be an asset for anyone looking to improve their health regardless of their current fitness level. He is a great trainer who cares about his clients.”

Laura K. Oak Creek, WI

“I started with Josh and Impact Fitness in March of 2010. Previous to Josh I had another personal trainer for 1-1/2 yrs. Josh has done more for me in the last five months than I thought anyone could. He continuously challenges me and pushes me further than I ever thought I could go. He has more confidence in my abilities than I do and he makes sure I prove it to myself in every work out. Since I have been working with Josh, I am much more toned and fit. I see Josh for one hour two times a week, I wish I could do more. I am amazed on how far I have come with Josh. THANK YOU JOSH! You really know your stuff!”

Ruth S.
 Oak Creek, WI

Having an office job and a high alcohol tolerance (thanks UW) led me down a pretty sad path.  But now I’m happy to be on this beautiful fitness journey.  Thanks to Impact Fitness Studio for kicking my butt into gear.

Brittany K. Cudahy, WI 

Josh is amazing ! Thanks to his training I was able to reach my initial fitness goals. He continues to push me with every session and the amazing results keep on coming.

Denis C. Racine, WI

Our Services

We Have A Program to Fit Your Goals, Budget & Experience Level

Whether you want the ultimate in personal attention, just want to diversify your fitness classes or appreciate the motivation of a group environment, but still want a personalized workout, then we have the solution for you.

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Our Athlete’s start with our proprietary and detailed performance assessment . The evaluation includes a mobility/flexibility assessment, physical performance measurements, and a detailed biomechanical analysis and functional movement screen. Following the initial evaluation, a custom training program is designed for each athlete to maximize their strengths, address their weaknesses, proactively prevent injury and achieve performance benchmarks specific to their sport.


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