Would You Call Me A Liar If I Told You That Most Weight Loss Programs Actually Make People Fatter?

Two Reasons Most Weight loss diets don't work & what you can do about it

Metabolism Regulates Energy & Effects Weight

Your body’s metabolism controls how many calories you burn. It does not just refer to when you exercise, either: it regulates the amount of energy your body uses to breathe, pump blood, keep muscles ready for action, and other simple tasks. Your metabolism affects your energy level, your weight, how you store fat, and virtually every other aspect of your physical and emotional health. People leading an active lifestyle have a relatively high metabolism, meaning they burn energy quickly and efficiently. Most weight loss diets don’t help your body achieve an appropriate metabolic rate.

Most Diets Slow Metabolism – And You Gain Weight

Most diet plans focus on lowering the amount of calories you eat rather than supplying nourishing foods that support a healthy lifestyle. If your diet doesn’t provide adequate nutrition, your body reacts by shifting to “Starvation Mode” – so instead of losing fat, you lose vital muscle and actually slow down your body’s fat burning rate. Worst of all, too many people ignore things that really work and trust in fad diets that don’t increase nutrition or change unhealthy habits.

What's The Solution?

Increase Lean Muscle to Increase Metabolism (don't worry ladies we don't mean "bulking up")

As we age, we automatically start to lose muscle after the age of 25 unless we do something about it. To reverse these aging affects, we muscle include resistance/strength training that returns the muscle we've lost with age. For every pound of muscle you return to your body, you will increase your metabolic burn by 30-50 calories. Most people can add 5 pounds and only increase their tone. This isn't "bulking up" it's having firm arms instead of the wiggle. This 5 pounds can be 250 calories a day, thats over 1500 a week...AND THAT'S YOUR BODY BURNING A HALF A POUND OF REAL FAT WHILE YOU SLEEP!

Eliminate Exercise That Catabolizes Muscle

The classic weight loss mistake is implementing long bouts of cardiovascular exercise because we've been told for years that's how you "burn" fat. The PROBLEM...THAT'S Complete FALSE. In fact, long boring cardio actually catabolizes muscle. You now know how important preserving muscle is to your body's muscle tone, but more importantly, it's metabolism. To avoid this catabolic affect, you want to do shorter bouts of cardiovascular exercise to get the cardiovascular health benefits and a little more caloric expenditure without decreasing muscle. This involves the right kind of cardiovascular programming, heart rate levels, and progression.

Supportive Nutrition

As you learned above, you can't starve your way to weight loss or find the magic pill in a gimmick diet. You must incorporate a balance and common sense approach to nutrition, that supports your workouts so you can change your metabolism and make it an ultimate fat burning machine. We have to support the increase in muscle tone and preservation with the right balance in proteins, carbohydrates and fats. We like to think of it as supporting your workouts- not dieting.

The REAL SECRET: Accountability & Supportive Coaching

If there is a real secret to successful achievement of weight loss and fitness goals it's having the accountability of a personal coach. Virginia Polytech did a study that showed adding a form of accountability to a exercise program increases the results a personal can achieve by 2200%! Find an accountability coach and you'll find results!

Want Some Help?

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